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5 reasons why Personalised Stubby Holders are the perfect corporate gift post lockdown

After the emergence of covid-19 globally, our life and business environment have changed dramatically. Now from the news, doctors, policy makers and scientists are telling us living with this disease has become our new reality and challenge. During the covid-19 pandemic, whole Australia has implemented social distance and lockdowns, which helped to control the spreading of the virus however at the same time those activities has minimised the human interaction. For the economic and social consequence, the lockdown has taken a heavy toll on the relationship between businesses, our clients and our employees. Corporate promotional gifts are a great way to maintain our rapport with clients and staffs post lockdown. The Personalised Stubby Cooler is one of the good choices and let us take a close look at the benefits that the personalised stubby holders can bring to you as a marketing tool post lockdown.

Stubby Holders

1) Aussie love Stubby Holders

The Stubby Holder is one of the Australian Icons and has been loved by Aussie since 1980s. Stubby holders are the Australian way to call the can holder as stubby is an Australian slang term to describe a 375 ml bottle of beer which is the popular bottle size in Australia and also is fatter and shorter than other 330 ml export beer bottles from overseas. In Queensland, people also call it stubby cooler. In US, stubby holders are called as Koozies.

2) Reach a wider audience

Stubby coolers make the rounds from the coast to the outback. You can see people hold their favourite drink in a stubby holder at party, reunion, wedding, rooftop pub, golf club, construction sites, mining sites, farms, and next to the backyard swimming pool. Even during the lockdown and working from home, people would have a virtual Friday afternoon drink to show off their Personalised Stubby Holders through web camera to their colleagues to celebrate their team success.

By using Custom Stubby Holders, your business is bound to get a lot of attention as they are so popular at various events. There are not many celebration events or many places in Australia that we won’t stumble onto the humble but much-loved stubby holders. The best way to market your business and brand is to find the right promotional product, the right moment and the right place to appeal the wide audience, Why not promote your business or brand and attract attentions by making your personalised stubby holders with your unique logo and message.

3) Stubby coolers are perfect for summer and Christmas season

After we are out of the lockdown, it is the time to send your sales person out to meet the existing and potential clients. If you want your sales to get a ton of attention this summer, order your Custom Stubby Holders in vibrant full colour and hand out in your next marketing meeting or event. On a hot summer day, an ice-cold drink is what we all want, and then stubby coolers would be the first thing we reach for when we want to keep our cold drinks cold, to prevent your hands from getting cold and also to keep your hands dry, which means your logo would be seen all summer long as stubby holders are so useful in summer and outdoor events.

4) Personalised Stubby Holders are inexpensive

Many businesses have been affected badly by the covid 19, so post lockdown it’s very important for every business to have clear marketing strategy to win more business and at the same time promoting the business within the company’s budget. When we choose our next promotional product, we need to not only think about the price of the item, but also we need to take into account the demands of the product or how much interests the promotional product can attract.

Buying Custom Stubby Holders is not only economic but also can give you wide public reach. One stone and two birds, why not? We at, Simply Merchandise, are the promotional product wholesaler and we guarantee you the cheapest price in Australia and FREE shipping Australia wide when you order your full colour custom printed Stubby Holders.

5) Perfect corporate gift for staff members

Covid-19 made working from home the new normal. Many companies have adapted this new way of working permanently. There are many great benefits of working from home, like avoid commutes, more flexible workplace and great work-life balance. One of the HR challenges with a remote workforce is how to maintain employee engagement. Sending remote employees corporate gifts is a very effective way to solve this challenge. Stubby coolers are very lightweight, and we cannot forget to mention collapsible stubby holders here as they can fold flat easily, thus they are ideal for mailing no matter to your clients or your employees.

Custom printed stubby holders are a great corporate gift at a low cost providing high return on investment, they are very useful, are used often, will attract attention in a crowd, and will leave a good first impression making sure your business is long remembered.