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15g Candy Cane with Card & Ribbon – Full Colour Sticker

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5g Candy Cane with Card – Full Colour Sticker

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Acrylic Heart filled with Christmas Chocolates 65g – Full Colour Sticker

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Big Candy Cane 90g – Full Colour Sticker

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Big PVC Box filled with Christmas Twist Wrapped Boiled Lollies 2kg – Full Colour Sticker

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Big PVC Bucket filled with Candy Canes x40 – Full Colour Sticker

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Big PVC Bucket filled with Christmas CHEWY Fruits 950G – Full Colour Sticker

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Big PVC Bucket filled with Christmas Choc Beans 875G – Full Colour Sticker

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Big PVC Bucket filled with Christmas Jelly Beans 950G – Full Colour Sticker

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Big PVC Bucket filled with Christmas Twist Wrapped Boiled Lollies 550G – Full Colour Sticker

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Biz Card Treats with Candy Canes x4 – Business Card

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Biz Card Treats with Christmas Chocolates 45g – Business Card Provided By Customer

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Branded Jar with One Colour Pad Print – ONE COLOUR PAD PRINT

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Branded Jar with One Colour Pad Print – ONE COLOUR PAD PRINT

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Branded Jar with Sticker – Full Colour Sticker

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Branded Jar with Sticker – Full Colour Sticker

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Promotional Xmas Sweets from Jelly Beans to Lindt Chocolates & Sweets

Celebrate the Holiday Season with Promotional Christmas Chocolates and Sweets

Embrace the joy of the holidays with our exquisite selection of Promotional Christmas candies and sweets. Our array of Custom Branded Christmas confections is expertly crafted to enhance any occasion, whether it’s a corporate gathering or a heartfelt token of appreciation for both loyal patrons and new partners. The personal touch in our Xmas chocolates and sweets sets your business apart. By incorporating these promotional culinary delights, you not only boost your brand’s visibility and offerings but also demonstrate the exceptional level of care you extend to your cherished customers and dedicated staff.

Explore our extensive range of Promo Xmas Sweets, thoughtfully chosen to add warmth to the festive season. Our promotional food options cater to businesses of all sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique requirements. Rest assured, we have just the right match for your needs.

Why wait? Discover what we have in store for you and your business during this festive season. Let’s make this holiday period even sweeter together! Embrace the spirit of the season with our delectable Christmas treats and leave your brand’s mark this holiday season.

Custom Xmas Lollies: Personalised Holiday Treats:

At Gifted Greetings, we take immense pride in curating a delightful array of Personalised Christmas Sweets and promotional chocolates. These expertly crafted confections are a tangible gesture of gratitude for your valued clients, underscoring the importance we place on the mutually beneficial business relationships we share.

Explore a world of enchanting possibilities with our collection of Branded Christmas Sweets, featuring captivating options like our Christmas Tree with Jelly Beans, charming Christmas Pillow Pack with mixed lollies, and elegant Christmas Chocolate Box. Each of our Custom Christmas Sweets is a thoughtful gesture that leaves a lasting, positive impression on your business relationships.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to your satisfaction. Not only do we offer budget-friendly prices, but we also ensure swift turnaround times, guaranteeing that your corporate gifting needs are met without compromise. These Branded Christmas Sweets have the potential to strengthen bonds with your clients and fellow businesses, resonating long after the holiday season.

At Simply Merchandise, we hold customer satisfaction in the highest regard. If you’re eager to explore our complete range of Branded Xmas Sweets or have any inquiries, we invite you to get in touch with us today. Reach out through our user-friendly Contact Form or via email at Alternatively, if you prefer a more personal touch, feel free to call us at 1800 833 006, and our dedicated team will be delighted to assist you with any questions or requests you may have. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we eagerly anticipate making this holiday season one filled with sweetness and success for your business.

FAQs on our Branded Xmas Sweets

Q: What are promotional Xmas Sweets and Chocolates?

Promo Christmas sweets and chocolates are festive, delectable treats that businesses and individuals can customise and distribute during the holiday season as part of their marketing or gifting strategies. These confections are a delightful way to spread holiday cheer and enhance brand visibility. By imprinting logos, messages, or unique designs on the packaging or confections themselves, you can create a memorable and personalised gift that resonates with your target audience. Whether you’re looking to strengthen client relationships, reward employees, or simply share the joy of the season, promotional Christmas sweets and chocolates offer a sweet and thoughtful way to do so.

Q: Which businesses should give custom branded Xmas sweets and chocolates?

Personalised Christmas sweets and chocolates can be a delightful and effective marketing tool for a wide range of businesses. These delightful treats are a universally loved gift during the holiday season, making them a versatile choice for any company looking to spread some festive cheer and enhance their brand visibility. Here are some types of businesses that can benefit from giving out promo Christmas sweets and chocolates:

  1. Retail Stores: Whether you operate a brick-and-mortar shop or an online store, especially those in the food, fashion, or gift industries, offering sweets and chocolates as a promotional item can attract holiday shoppers and boost sales.
  2. Restaurants and Cafes: These establishments can include sweets and chocolates as part of their holiday-themed menus or offer them as complimentary gifts to patrons during the festive season.
  3. B2B Companies: Businesses that cater to other businesses can send promotional sweets and chocolates as gifts to clients, partners, or employees, enhancing their relationships and leaving a lasting impression.
  4. Event and Party Planners: Event planning companies can use Christmas sweets and chocolates as part of event favours or holiday-themed parties, adding a special touch to the celebrations they organise.
  5. Hotels and Hospitality: Hotels, resorts and bed-and breakfast establishments can provide holiday chocolates in guest rooms, as well as use them for special packages or events, creating a memorable stay for their guests.
  6. Non-profit Organisations: Charities and non-profit organisations can use lollies and chocolates as a way to thank donors, volunteers, and supporters during the holiday season.
  7. E-commerce Businesses: Online retailers can include candies and chocolates as part of their holiday marketing campaigns, enticing shoppers with special offers and festive treats.
  8. Corporate Businesses: Large corporations can send out branded Christmas sweets and treats to their employees and clients, spreading holiday cheer and strengthening their brand image.
  9. Health and Wellness Brands: Companies in the health and wellness industry can offer healthier or alternative options for Christmas chocolates to cater to their health-conscious audience.
  10. Local Businesses: Small, local businesses can distribute promotional lollies to their community, fostering goodwill and loyalty among customers.
  11. Educational Institutions: Schools, colleges, and educational institutions can distribute Xmas sweets to students, parents, and staff as part of their end-of-year celebrations or as a token of appreciation for a year of hard work.

Q: How can you customise Xmas sweets?

Customising Christmas lollies is a delightful way to add a personal touch to your holiday celebrations and share the festive spirit.

  1. Find a reliable supplier. Congratulations, you’ve discovered Simply Merchandise, a trusted supplier with over 25 years of experience in the promotional industry. We pride ourselves on consistently delivering high-quality services and offering friendly, customer-centric support.
  2. Choose Festive Flavors and Shapes: When customising Xmas sweets, start by selecting flavours and shapes that capture the holiday spirit. Popular choices include peppermint, gingerbread and shapes like candy canes, snowflakes, or Christmas trees.
  3. Colourful Themes: Incorporate the colours of the season into your Xmas candies. Red, green, and white are classic choices. However, you can get creative by using metallic shades, like gold or silver, for an elegant touch.
  4. Design Unique Packaging: Create custom packaging that features your brand logo, holiday-themed graphics, and a festive colour scheme. Upload your artwork online or you can send your artwork later by email. You will receive a digital mock-up from us by email. You never need to pay for your order until you approve the artwork proof.
  5. Decide the ordering amount.
  6. Pairing Christmas sweets with other holiday promotional items can create a festive and memorable experience for customers, employees, or anyone you want to spread holiday cheer to. Here are some fun combinations: Personalised Xmas Stocking, Promotional Candles, Corporate Gift Hampers and Baskets, Custom Greeting Cards, Customised Mugs, Embroidered Aprons, Branded Oven Mitts, Promotional Calendars, Custom Photo Frames, Holiday-themed Stress Relievers.

Q: Where custom branded Xmas Sweets and treats can be used for?

Custom branded Christmas sweets and chocolates can be used in a variety of creative ways to enhance your holiday season.

  1. Corporate Gifting: Customised sweets and chocolates make excellent gifts for clients, employees, and business partners. They add a personal touch to your corporate relationships and can help strengthen connections during the holiday season.
  2. Holiday Parties: Whether you’re hosting a corporate event, social club Xmas party, custom-branded sweets and lollies can be delightful party favours or additions to your dessert table, adding a unique and memorable element to your celebration.
  3. Customer Appreciation: Send these goodies to your loyal customers as a gesture of gratitude for their support throughout the year. It can encourage customer loyalty and repeat business.
  4. Holiday Marketing Campaigns: Incorporate custom candies and chocolates into your holiday marketing campaigns. You can use them as giveaways for online contests or promotions, which can boost engagement and brand visibility.
  5. Fundraisers: Custom holiday sweets and chocolates can be sold as part of fundraising efforts for schools, non-profits, or charitable organisations. The appeal of seasonal treats can help raise funds for a good cause.
  6. Retail Merchandise: If you’re in the retail industry, consider selling custom Christmas treats and chocolates in your store. They can be placed near checkout counters as impulse buys or in themed holiday displays to attract shoppers.
  7. Employee Rewards: Recognise and appreciate your hardworking employees by giving them personalised sweets and chocolates as holiday bonuses or tokens of appreciation.
  8. Online Store Promotions: If you have an e-commerce store, feature these lollies and chocolates as limited-edition holiday products. Optimise product descriptions and images for search engines.

Surprise your loved customers and employees with personalised Xmas Chocolates and Lollies – Perfect for unique gifts and festive celebrations. To discover more about the array of Branded Christmas Sweets we offer, we encourage you to reach out today. You can contact us using our convenient Contact Form or simply send an email to If you prefer a more personal touch, feel free to call us at 1800 833 006, where one of our friendly team members will be delighted to assist with any questions or inquiries you may have.