Low Cost Promotional Products

In 6 ways this less than $1 promotional merchandise can make a big difference in your marketing strategy

In 6 ways this less than $1 promotional merchandise can make a big difference in your marketing strategy

After supplying a wide range of promotional products to Australian businesses for over 25 years, we have always been asked by our customers which branded item is most used by businesses, which does not cost a lot & which also can effectively advertise the business. The first choice would be custom printed lanyards. Let’s have a close look how could lanyards benefit your company?

1.Promotional Lanyards are very cheap

Low budget? No problem.

Sometimes less is more, so why spend more. Most of the time, you only need to spend less than $1 to buy a personalised lanyard from us. Without costing much, you can easily achieve your market strategy by having printed lanyards with your logo and message.

2.Lanyards are universal

No matter you are in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart, Perth, Darwin or Gold Coast, and no matter what industry you are in, like government, corporate, retails, factory, medical, schools, people love to use lanyards every day at work to ensure their ID badges or security pass easy to access. Promotional Lanyards are the perfect marketing tool to promote your business in different location & in different markets and make your company logo versatile every day.

3.Printed Lanyards last a long time

Even lanyards are very light items however they are very strong, and even they are used by us every day however they can be used for a few years.

Image after you handed your lanyards with your company’s name and logo to your existing and potential customers in a trade show, your customers can use those lanyards after the event for a long time and the lanyards would promote your company to your customers for a very long time.

4.Custom Lanyards are great promotion gifts

We all love receiving gifts and gifts which can make people happy & nothing is better than keeping our customers happy in the corporate world. In a trade show or corporate event, where people turn up at your booth, reward them and let them take away something. Lanyards are the great low cost corporate gift to give away. Image in the trade show, thousands of your customers wearing your lanyards around their neck as they walk around making your brand more visible. They would get other potential customers attention & curiosity, and then attract more people to visit your booth turning more potential customers into new customers for such a low outlay.

Lanyards are very useful which ensures your lanyards will be worn again by your customers in the future.

5.Make the first impression and then stay in the forefront of people’s minds

With the eye-catching bright colours, the unique logo and inspiring words, lanyards could easily make your products and your business stand out at a trade show or a marketing event. Lanyards are the perfect item to help your company leave a good impression in front of your potential customers

It’s very common for people to forget other people’s name in a new environment, so when your customers visit your business, lanyards can help your customers remember your name as you wear your lanyard somewhere that’s easy to glance towards, normally at mid-chest level. Nothing is better than lanyards to help your customer to remember who you are and which company you are from.

6.Lanyards speak to what your brand stands for

By using a quality lanyard with your company logo and slogan, you are making a statement of quality and standard to your customers.

Sustainability is becoming more important for all companies, and consumers are increasingly seeking to engage with eco-friendly products and companies. An eco-friendly lanyard which is made from natural materials like bamboo or cotton lanyards or from sustainable materials like recycled PET lanyards will speak straight to the heart of your customers.

Use Lanyards in Your Brand Marketing Strategy

You need to stand out in the crowd, and you need your customer to remember who you are and what you stand for at the business expos. Without spending much, customised lanyards can easily help you achieve all those goals. That is why this less than $1 item can take your marketing strategy to the next level. Keep those 6 reasons in mind and plan ahead and make Promotional Lanyards work for you at your next trade show or product launch.


Printed Lanyards

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