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Promotional Drink Bottles are a great low cost promotional item, at wholesale prices, to expose your company brand to a wide audience from sporting clubs to gyms, events, conferences, trade shows and outdoor promotions.
Best Promotional Drink Bottles Australia
There are many styles of promotional water bottles to choose from in our online store, from kids sizes to sports styles, fruit infusion bottles, aluminium bottles, stainless steel water bottles, sports bottles, triathlon bottles, aluminium bottles with carabiner clips, sports bottles with straws and a huge range of colours that you can mix and match to get just the right one to suit your brand and event. They are all quality product with the option of either a 1 or 2 colour printed logo or we can print your logo in full colour. The most popular size bottle has proven to be over many years of orders is the 750ml sports bottle which tends to be just the right size to hold and a good amount of liquid. We have variety of plastic and metal styles in 750ml which you can browse below.

Buy Australian made Sports drink bottles as we also proudly supply Australian manufactured sports bottles that are the cheapest in cost and can be delivered Australia wide. We have a range of shapes and sized Customised drink bottles in this range that will suit all types of businesses, sports club and events.

Our bottles are BPA free and come in a large range of styles and colours & as an extra touch of style many of our bottles you can mix and match the lid and bottle colour which makes for some great colour combinations. We have the cheapest prices in bulk to suit all budgets and styles. We have a huge range of colours and styles delivering Australia Wide with a large range that include free freight. Please call for assistance and we will help you with the best choice and artwork layout.
What type of branding is possible on our Promotional Drink bottles?
There are many types of printing processes that we can use to make your logo stand out and depends on the type of bottle:

Pad Print (Small print are usually in 1 colour)
Roll Screen Print (Large print which depending on the bottle will print the upper and lower area and all around…so a large print and usually in 1 or 2 colours)
Roll Digital Print (Large full colour print which covers a large area of the bottle and wraps right around)
Laser engraved logo (The logo is laser out of the surface material to expose the substrate which in many cases will be silver or copper colour)

All the types of branding have their purpose and depends on your logo desired outcome.

We supply all over Australia with fast delivery & at the cheapest prices. Call us on our free number 1800 833 006 for advice and to Buy Promotional Drink Bottles Australia.
“Cheapest Promotional Drink Bottles Keeping Australia Hydrated in Style”

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. When Were Drink Bottles Invented?

A. The very first drink bottles (Also called water bottles) were invented around 1947 after Worlds War II. Materials like Plastic, Aluminium & Stainless Steel were more readily accessible now than ever before.

With the initial manufacture of drink bottles they were not as cheap as they are today like most new products and due to the production processes. A profound change came in the early 1960’s with the introduction a plastic know as polyethylene which was a cheaper material and allowed for faster production processes. Soon Drink Bottles (Water Bottles) become part of everyday life.

You can now find Drink Bottles printed with all sorts of colourful designs, logos, characters that give each of them a personality.

So having a drink of your favourite cold or hot beverage is now very convenient where you can use your cool designed drink bottle (either branded or personalised with a logo or design) made from plastic, aluminium or stainless steel.

We make the entire process very easy by providing free artwork layout so you can Buy Promotional Drink Bottles Australia Wide with free freight for a large part of our range.

Q. What Are Promotional Drink Bottles (Water Bottles)?
A. Promotional Drink Bottles are a custom made drink bottle printed or personalised with a logo or design that holds cold and hot liquids. The most popular liquid is water. They have been designed and improved over the years to hold liquids so they do not spill when transporting liquids in your car, bike, running and walking. They have also been improved with designed such as double wall vacuum so they can hold the liquids cold and hot for a very long time.

Our Promotional Drink Bottles are printed, engraved or personalised in full colour in bulk to promote a business, school or product or sell at events, festivals, School fairs. Branded drink bottles are a great conference or employee gift and also perfect for customer xmas gifts.

As they are a reusable promotional product which means great for the environment and much better alternative to a disposable cup or bottle. They come in plastic BPA free, glass, aluminium and stainless steel plus vacuum double walled.

Promotional Drink Bottles (Water Bottles) are a great advertising product to promote your business as they are very useful and only an arms length away from your current or potential customer. They also have a large branding area and can be personalised in full colour providing a brilliant advertising medium.

We can also provide express, fast manufacturing delivery of your next order of Personalised Promotional Drink Bottles (Water Bottles) so you can receive your order quickly when needed. We also have the lowest prices providing not only a great promotional product but enabling you to Buy The Best Promotional Drink Bottles Australia at the cheapest prices with FREE freight for some of our range.

Q. How Are Personalised Sports Water Bottles Different to Other Kinds of Drink-ware?

A. Promotional Drink Bottles are usually a larger vessel compared to coffee cups or travel mugs and include attachments such as a carabiner clips, straws flip tops & push pull caps. They can also include infusion option so you can place fruit into a section that will flavour the water. Another difference is the very large branding area they provide which can be processed in 1 or full colour.

Q. Where Can Promotional Drink Bottles (Water Bottles) Be Used?
A. Personalised Drink Bottles are great for Gyms, Office, Bike Riding, Walking, Hiking, Conferences, Product Promotions, Events, Festivals, Schools & University Students. We have BPA- Plastic, Tritan, Aluminium, Stainless Steel & Glass Custom Drink Bottles that all have their purpose & application. They come in different sizes such as 400ml, 500ml, 600ml, 750ml, 800ml and 1 litre.

Q. Why Are Branded Drink Bottles So Popular & What Are The Best Promotional Drink Bottles Australia?
A. Custom Drink Bottles, Travel Mugs, & Reusable Straws are a genuinely useful promotional product & are environmentally friendly making them a perfect long term and responsible personalised product. Branded Drink Bottles a very popular at events, conferences and also great client and employee giveaways. The best and most popular drink bottles are our plastic 750ml sports bottles plus our aluminium bottles with a carabiner clip.

Q. Why Your Business Will Benefit & Why Buy Promotional Drink Bottles Australia?
A. Hydration is an essential part of everybody’s day to stay alive and to increase productivity. Water has a cognitive benefit that can boost energy and improve moods. They are also the perfect medium for sponsorship for sports teams, schools, clubs and health programs & so much more.

Your customers & employees will love receiving a custom branded promotional drink bottles and will be used every day keeping your brand in the forefront of every user.

Whether you require you next order of bulk Promotional Drink Bottles printed, laser engraved or in full colour, Simply Merchandise will find the ideal water bottle within the budget you require. We can assist you to Buy Promotional Drink Bottles Australia Wide

Q. How Can I Personalise A Drink Bottle (Water Bottle)

A. There are many branding options for drink bottles which include: 1 or many colour pad print which is generally a small print are; 1 Colour screen print which is a large print and restricted to 1 colour; Engraved logo which is a permanent branding options an generally small area; Full Colour Print which varies from small to large branding areas; Debossed branding which is applied to a silicone wrap on the bottle.
For further information and questions with your next order of branded drink sports bottles please call Simply Merchandise.

Q. What Are The Different Types Of Drink Bottles?

A. There a 4 different materials that drink bottles are made from which are: Plastic BPA free, Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Glass. They also come in single wall and double wall versions. Single wall are a cheaper option and used for generally storing water. Double wall drink bottles are used for keeping hot and cold liquids at temperature for a long time. Other variations of drink bottles include silicone sleeve which are generally used on glass drink bottles to stop them from breaking and easy to hold.

Q. What Types of Water Bottles Can I Customise With My Logo?

A. Before buying you next order of drink bottle in bulk it is a good idea to get educated an understand the various types of water bottles that are available and the different types of personalisation techniques available. Things to consider are budget, purpose, demographic and goal. As an example lets say your audience is a primary school or child care centre we would then suggest a small personalised plastic drink bottle with a 1 colour print.

Now that you have established you audience, budget and purpose for your next bulk buy of custom drink bottles lets jump into the types of bottles you can customise:
1) Personalised Plastic Sports Water Bottles
As the name suggest these are for sports clubs, teams, cyclists, running, walking clubs, hiking and the best option for these would be a water bottle from our plastic range. The size of bottle needs to match your audience. So choose a small volume for very young children, medium size bottles for cyclists, walking and running so they are not too heavy and larger volume for a sports team where they are not carrying the bottle but require larger volumes of water.
2) Branded Metal Drink Bottles
These are great fas a gift item, if a carabiner clip is needed for hiking or climbing and you need to make an impression with your clients.

3) Glass Personalised Drink Bottle
Perfect for xmas, employee and customer gifts which will be well received and a very useful product for the long term.

4) Stainless Steel Custom Drink Bottle

High end perceived bottle for your corporate clients that are either existing or customers that you would like to bring on board. These can be purchased as a single wall or double wall for the ultimate drink bottle.