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Promotional Pens Custom Branded Cheapest in Australia

Promotional Pens, Pencils, Stylus Pens, Highlighters, Crayons Custom Printed Or Engraved

Our wide range includes the cheapest Promotional Pens & Pencils all custom branded with your logo.
Cheapest Promotional Pens Printed in 1, 2 or full colour would have to be the most popular promotional item. Proven to be a great cost effective give away that is used by all. We have a huge range of the best promotional pens in Australia custom printed that include Curvy Pens, Parker, Waterman, Derofe, Lamy, Highlighters, Pencils, Carpenter Pencils, Crayons all ready to have your logo printed or laser engraved. Our range will suit all budgets and you are sure to find the style of pen that will suit your branding. The cheapest and still most powerful way to stay in front of your customer.
We supply great styled hotel pens customised with their logo in large volumes providing exceptional value but providing a pen that a hotel guest will enjoy. We also provide great value conference and event pens to high end corporate brands with stylish metal pens in gift boxes either from our promotional metal pen range or brand name pens that include Parker Pens, Sheaffer Pens, Waterman Pens, Derofe Pens, Pierre Cardin Pens and much more all engraved with your company logo & presented in luxury gift boxes.

Pens are not only low cost item but pretty much used by everyone. So it makes sense to place you logo on one and give them to you current customers and potential customers. We have 1000’s of pens to choose from so the challenge is to find the right one for your promotion. Also depending on your budget and purpose you can choose from plastic or metal barrels and on plastic pens we would normally print in 1 or full colour where on metal pens we can print but not suggested as the print can sometimes come off so we would normally advise to engrave. Other options to consider are pens with a stylus, rubber grip, highlighters and even ones with a light. To make sure your customer is going to keep your pen its important to choose one that looks great with your logo and possibly a pen that has other functions such as pens that can hold a phone, or includes a torch, stylus, on board tools or even pull out banner pen which can include large full colour graphics
We have a very large range of pens and they can be categorised as follows:

Promotional Metal Pens

Brand Name Promotional Pens

Promotional Plastic pens

Promotional Highlighters

Promotional Pencils

Promotional Stylus Pens

Promotional Light Up Pens

Promotional Crayons

Promotional Novelty Pens

They can all be customised with your logo and come in varying budgets. Metal Pens are a great gift and promotional item which are normally laser engraved. We can print on metal pens and in fact print in full colour if required but a print can eventually rub off on metal surfaces so we recommend laser engraving

Plastic pens are a great giveaway pen that can be purchased at very cheap prices so they can be given out on mass. Great for expos, events, at reception giveaway and as a mass mailer. We can print on plastic pens in 1 or full colour and there are 1000’s to choose from so ask us for advice on the most suitable pen.

Highlighters are another great promo item as everyone uses highlighters and they are a fun and colourful way to promote your brand or product.

Custom branded Pencils, branded Novelty pens & personalised crayons are perfect for schools, kids and special purpose promotions. They are very cheap and can be printed in 1 or full colour.
There are quote a few ways we can branding our pens. Depending if you are after a plastic or metal pen will determine the branding options. If you are after a plastic pen we can either provide a 1 or 2 colour print on the barrel or we can print in full colour. Now depending on the shape of the pen we can offer a larger or standard print area. If the pen is suitable for a roll print we can then roll the print around the open providing a larger print area. Also when printing on a plastic pen the best result is when you match the print colour to the trim which creates a better visual outcome.

If you are choosing a metal pen then we can also provide a 1 or 2 colour printed logo and a full colour print. When printing on a metal surface note that the print can eventually rub or scratch off which does not provide a great image for your company logo. We suggest on a metal pen that the logo or design is laser engraved which not only looks classy but will last as long as the pen will. There are some great styled pens that when laser engraved the logo appears in a mirror silver look that really stands out and looks brilliant.

Please ask us for advice as we can suggest the best result for your pen branded.
We have made it easy to buy promotional pens in Australia by providing free artwork layout and huge range from the cheapest to gift pens with all the great brands. Be aware that not all pens are the same even though they can look identical. They can appear the same but have inferior mechanisms and plastic internal bits that are of poor quality and are sold very cheap. This can be the case for plastic and metal pens so always check you are getting a good quality pen from an established supplier. Our Personalised Pens are a useful promo item and are a quick giveaway used as a great direct marketing tool to make contact with your current and potential customers or used in conferences, as a gift or just used to increase your brand awareness. Let us help you with your next purchase of the best quality and value promotional pens.
FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

Why choose promotional pens?
Promotional pens are proven to be one of the UK’s most popular branded giveaway items – and with good reason! Offering long-lasting awareness for your business, printed pens branded with your logo provide a practical opportunity to get your company into the hands of your customers.

Q. What are the best branding options for pens?

Metal pens are best branded with laser engraving as a print can rub off over time. Plastic Pens can be printed in 1 or full colour providing a great visible branding solution.

How are banner pens branded?
They are branded in full colour on a pull out laminated paper on both sides that is wound around the pen. Branding can also be print directly onto the barrel of the pen as well

What is the best pen as a giveaway?
Depending on the purpose a plastic pen is generally the best bulk giveaway pen as they are low cost, come in a large range of colours to match your company colours & can be branded in full colour.

Are Eco Pens Really good for the environment?
Yes as they are made from renewable and orbiodegradablematerials apart from the refill

What can I use printed pens for?
Promotional pens have all sorts of uses within your marketing campaign. They are highly cost-effective promotional giveaways that offer the user a practical purpose. Printed pens branded with your logo are great for distributing among customers and visitors at events, including trade shows, exhibitions and more. They’re also useful for ordering for in-house use; after all, your colleagues will always need pens, so why not put your corporate logo on them for an extra twist of company pride?

What styles of branded pens do you sell?
We have a range of different kinds of promotional pens available to print with your logo, including:

Metal Ballpoint Pens

Cheap ballpoint Pens


Stylus Pens

Novelty Pens

Think custom pens are just plastic? Think again!

Custom plastic pens are a fantastic and traditional choice for advertising but if you are looking for something different when it comes to custom company pens imprinted with your logo, there are far more options available!

Custom metal pens – Some people just prefer the feel and weight of a metal pen and promotional metal pens are a great option for anyone looking to create a more lasting product! Available in a wide price range, with a range of styles (engraved promotional pens being a highly popular style you can choose from) you can easily create something for all occasions from trade shows and expos to classy corporate gifts or thank you presents.

Promotional wooden pens – Who says pens just have to be plastic or metal? With a combination of trend setting and interest in more biodegradable promotional tools than the usual plastic – wooden pens are on the rise! These pens are great for marketing and their on-trend design could even give you the chance to be seen on social media in people’s posts, taking your advertising as far as the internet can carry it.

Recycled promotional pens – Are you interested in creating something that has all the perks and benefits of custom branded pens but that’s more eco friendly? If so, then why not choose something made of recycled materials? With the public awareness of the harmful effects of plastic in the environment and increasing focus on corporate responsibility these could be a great choice for you! If you are looking to get your information out there just as effectively, but in a more eco positive way then this could be the perfect choice for you!

Looking for something more than “just a pen”? No problem!

Company branded pens are great for advertising, but what about if you want to do something different? The good news is, you don’t have to give up on pens as your promotional choice!

Promotional stylus pens – Interested in combining traditional advertising, a highly useful product and something that fulfills the needs of the modern-day consumer? Then pen and stylus combinations could be a great choice for you! Allowing the operator to switch seamlessly between writing and using their electronic devices, these pens are highly versatile – helping your item stay in use and more importantly, your message stay on display.

Promotional flashlight pens – Who doesn’t want to create something more useful? Pens with flashlights are great for not only writing but reading in the dark, checking the time on watches, even seeing where you are going! You might not know where that torch is when you need it, but that promotional branded pen you use all the time is likely to be near to hand to save the day! Get linked to solving people’s problems with these fantastic multi use items.

Custom banner pens – Do you have more to say than you can fit onto a traditional custom company pen? Or maybe you want to create something with a novelty appeal that will have people literally pulling out your advertisement to show their friends and co-workers? Either way, these advertising pens are an awesome option for your needs. With room to add more information on a fun to play with retractable gadget, these pens are a great method of giving out not only a useful item but a tiny banner that your pen’s new owner can go around displaying your information for you with!